In Spain, the health sector is mainly public since private insurances only exist on a marginal level. Since early 2000s, the competences for healthcare and subsequent budget have been transferred to the territories, leaving the national ministry with a coordinating role.

The innovation support system in Murcia is headed by the Regional Development Agency (INFO) and includes incubators that support innovation projects such as the Business Innovation Centres of Murcia (CEEIM) and Cartagena (CEEIC) – the certified EU|BICs in the region – and the Scientific Park of Murcia. In recent years, health innovation sector in Murcia established a successful health ICT ecosystem in collaboration between business sector and the public health sector, which is driven by the TBM cluster and the Murcian Health Service (SMS).

Murcia Local Partners

Region Murcia
Territorial authority / policy maker Go to website
Sistema Salud Murcia
Healthcare organisation (health agencies, hospitals) Go to website
Intermediary Organisation Go to website
TIC Biomed
Intermediary Organisation Go to website
Instituto de Fomento
Intermediary Organisation Go to website

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